Little Crackd Rabbit LCR004 - Black Walls
Our wyrd sister of a label Little Crackd Rabbit has confirmed details of the fourth album in its release series.  'Communion' is the second full length release by the Toronto based Black Walls. More information, pre-orders and sounds can be found on the release page.

Live Rabbits
Upcoming concerts and tours by LRR artists can be found on the live page.

Model Village - new video for 'Oh My Sisters'
The Cambridge/London-based band have had some great press and radio for their new album 'You Chose These Woes'. Watch the new video for the song 'Oh My Sisters'.

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Model Village - You Chose These Woes Fuzzy Lights - Rule Of Twelfths remixes Quiet Loner - The Captain's Diseased single Fuzzy Lights - Summer's Tide single Fuzzy Lights - Rule of Twelths album Quiet Lone Greedy Magicians

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